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The Infrastructure Bill and Implications for The Clean Energy Sector

Some bad news for Democrats in Virginia prompted some much needed urgency and positive action on the legislative front and the resulting upgrading of America's deteriorating infrastructure. The "Build Back Better" or $1.2 Trillion Infrastructure Bill passed through Congress yesterday and is now waiting to be signed into law by the President.

$1.2 Trillion is a number that is hard for most mortals to comprehend. It is a gargantuan ammount of money, the largest sum ever dedicated to the revamping of America's infrastructure.

So, what are the implications of this massive investment program for american companies. Who stands to benefit the most?

If the comprehensive shfit to powering America on renewable and clean energy was ever in doubt, this bill should put any doubts to rest. By 2050, this is projected to become a reality that few could ever have imagined. The Sun alone projects enough energy on a daily basis to power the entire worlds annual energy needs many times over. Add wind, geo-thermal and hydro-electric energy into the mix and there is ZERO shortage of natural clean energy resources to power the entire planet many times over. What has been missing? The technology, political WILL and investment to transform and transition to a clean energy global platform fast enough to counter the worsening impact of climate changes and global warming.

The investment and political will have been slow to respond to this crisis but the growing cost of the catastrophe's that are now common place let alone the dire impact of not addressing the issue, make addressing the issue more urgent. Even more challenging is the necessity for the entire world to act together and cooperate around this momentous shift. Between the recent G20 Summit in Rome and the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow, Scotland countries are intensifying their commitments to clean energy. Many feel the pace of change is too slow and the scope is not sufficient given the urgency and they are probably right. On the other hand momentum is building which is important. Over 100 countries agreed to end de-forestation, 40 countries have pledged to phase out coal energy consumption and the list goes on.

With respect to clean energy the world is further along than most people know or give credit. Clean energy sources have grown from 2,197 GW of capacity in 2017 to over 3,000 GW of capacity today which represents approximately 40% of global energy capacity. We are on the right path and that is only going to accelerate from hereon out.

Industries in the US who are set to benefit from the massive infrastructure Bill and transition to "clean energy" are "renewables" such as sun, wind, hydrogen and the shift to electric vehicles, energy storage for consumer and industrial applications of every kind. Innovation in new technologies and materials to make power retention and consumption more sustainable will blossom over the coming decade. As with every industry there will be winners and losers. Investing in specialist funds that cover a broad spectrum of industry leaders helps diversity and lessen risk. Risk mitigation only becomes more important as you age and your productive earning years decrease. Asset protection strategies likewise grows in importance as does portfolio management which requires significant expertise to ensure your retirement is as secure as possible accounting for a wide range of potential risks.

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