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4 Powerful But Often Overlooked Ways to Free Up Capital for Investing in Your Financial Future

The expression that the “devil is in the details” refers to the little often overlooked items that can sometimes “cost you” whether it is an overlooked item requiring compliance, a payment or exit clause for ending a contract that you did not see or just overlooking some ingredients in a recipe that resulted in a dud recipe.

In the world of personal finance we can at times be stretched when trying to  find money in our budget to allocate to our investment and retirement plan. Inspecting our spending patterns and finding ways to cut expenses and save what may seem like small inconsequential expenditures can significantly miss  the “devil in the details” and the bigger financial picture.

We are discussing this by way of example to illustrate how this one exercise can make a big difference. Just imagine if your investments and all the other details concerning your wealth were managed with the same expert precision. As we will illustrate, it can make ALL the difference and ensure you enjoy a more comfortable retirement. Let’s look at just 4 examples of where you may be able to cut expenditures and then add up the savings and what the value of doing this for 5 years could add up to over a 25 year period.

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What is the difference between a Financial Planner & Wealth Management advisory?

A financial planner typically assists with lifestyle planning which may include budgeting, planning for college and retirement, for example. Wealth management can include financial planning but also covers a wide expanse of financial advisory disciplines including portfolio management, investment, risk analysis as well as looking at how a person, family or foundation can optimize their tax situation, legacy planning (inclusive of Trusts) and how to protect your wealth with respect to potential legal threats or events where you may have liability if you are at fault.

Wealth Management is a far more complex and comprehensive discipline

A wealth management advisory takes a comprehensive look at the financial needs, situation and goals of their clients and will provide a complete A-Z list of financial, risk mitigation and tax optimization services that manage and protect a client’s wealth. Financial planners provide one aspect of financial advisory with respect to helping clients' manage their daily finances, credit, plan for their children’s college and more general retirement advice. While critical and helpful, these services do not compare to the scope and complexity of services provided by wealth management firms.

Differences In Training

Wealth management requires considerable expertise, training and a high level of fiduciary obligation to one’s clients. There are very specific procedures that must be followed with respect to client interactions, safeguarding of information, privacy and so forth. In addition wealth management and investment requires significant training and discipline. Wealth management companies will typically employ CFA’s (Chartered Financial Analysts) and CFP’s (certified financial planners) and have significant experience managing assets inclusive of stocks, bonds and other investments.

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